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How To Become A Dealer


  • Conduct business from a commercial location
  • Have a fully-functional website
  • Complete Seibon Dealer Application
  • Provide photocopy of current business license and/or sales tax permit
  • Provide photocopy of business card or company letter head
  • Provide photocopy of advertising or telephone directory listing (US dealers only)
  • Provide photocopy of voided company check (US dealers only)

Seibon Carbon Dealer Policies

Discount & Buy In

Because Seibon does not require buy in, dealer discounts are based on purchase volume. More purchases qualify the dealer for deeper discounts. If the dealer does not make any purchases within any 12-month period, this dealer will be considered inactive, and Seibon will close the account. Purchase frequency will also affect dealers’ discounts. If a dealer achieves a certain discount level, but ceases to make any purchases for a period of time, Seibon has the right to adjust the discounts. All prices and discounts are subject to change without notice.

Retail Customer Referral

Seibon engages in limited retailing. Oftentimes, Seibon will refer potential customers to dealers based on location or specialty for a particular vehicle application. Seibon will only assist dealers in sales-related matters, which means Seibon will not answer sales-related inquiries from end users directly. Dealers bear the responsibility to handle all customer service-related issues, including, but are not limited to, obtaining tracking numbers, handling freight damage claims, claiming defects/warranties, and obtaining authorization for returns/exchanges. Dealers should not refer end-users to Seibon directly. Such end-users will be referred back to the dealer.


To promote fair competition and to reduce price-wars between Seibon dealers, all distributors are required to abide by Seibon’s Minimum Advertising Price policy, which is to advertise no more than 15% off MSRP to retail customers in any form. The advertising forms include, but are not limited to, dealers’ company website, online forums, catalogs, and other online marketplaces. Dealers found in violation of this policy will be immediately terminated.

International Sales

A specific pricing structure has been constructed for each country where Seibon has established master distributors (listed at top of this page). To help maintain stability of the dealer networks in these countries, US dealers are advised to not advertise into these countries.

Drop Ships

Drop ships services are available free of charge.

Method of Payment

Prepaid: For U.S. dealers, acceptable methods are Credit Card, Certified Check, Money Order, or Company Check (with prior approval). For international dealers (including Canada), only wire transfers are accepted.

Returned Checks

If a check is returned for any reason, a $25.00 USD service charge will be applied, and company check will not be accepted on any future purchases. An additional 2% service charge per month will be added to outstanding balances on all returned checks.


Prices do not include freight charges. All merchandise will be shipped by the fastest, most economical method available. If dealers wish to use their own trucking company, there will be a $20.00 USD inspection/packaging fee for the first item, and $10.00 USD for each additional item. At dealer’s request (and own risk), products can be shipped the way they are with no inspection and no additional packaging to waive the packing fees. For pallet shipments, a $40.00 USD packing fee will be applied per pallet for up to two pallets. Additional pallets will be waived of any packing fees.

Back Orders

Seibon will ship all back orders as soon as the items become available. Dealer wishing to have back ordered items canceled must call or email to make arrangements, although most back orders are considered special orders, and special order terms and conditions apply.


Seibon reserves the right to terminate any account at its own discretion.

International Master Distributors

Seibon currently has master distributors in the following regions below. If you are in one of the regions below, feel free to contact our Master Distributors directly.

Australia and New Zealand

Maximum Motorsport
Unit 3/22 Kewdale Road
Kewdale, WA 6105
Phone: 08 9458 1444
Fax: 08 9356 1944


Zero Racing
Room 708, Wukuang Building, Chunfeng Road
Luohu District, Shenzhen, China 518000
Tel: 0755-82221633


RAYS Co., Ltd.
2-4-7 Nagata Nishi,
Higashi Osaka, Osaka 577-0016
Phone: +81-(0)6-6787-1110
Fax: +81-(0)6-6787-0200


De Slof 6, 5107RJ
Phone: 0162-386890
Fax: 0162-387907


Tel: +886 3 3498981

United Kingdom

Amber Performance
Unit 7A Lawrence Industrial Estate
Lawrence Way
England LU61BD
Phone: 44-1582-664735

If there are no Master Distributors in your region:
Use the contact form below and apply to become an International Master Distributor

International Distributor Contact Form